Brunch menu

 Tea or coffee included

100% vegan


Photo de Restaurant le Soixante 5.
BLT sandwich – delicious!
Spécial 65

Scrambled tofu and sautéed vegetables with seasoned potatoes, toast and vegan cheese

Assiette du constructeur

Greedy plate of scrambled tofu, seasoned potato, vegan cheese, sausage, toast, carrot cake pancake

Tortilla déjeuner

Two corn tortillas garnished with scrambled tofu, sautéed peppers and onions, salsa and vegan cheese

La cassolette

Sautéed vegetables and sausages topped with vegan cheese and home-made sauce, served with toast and local maple syrup

Gaufre à l’avocat

Avocado, green apple, spinach and vegan cheese, served between two delicious homemade waffles

Sandwich BLT

Tofu bacon, lettuce, tomato and végénaise between 2 toasts

Bagel au faux-mon

Lox-marinated carrots, capers, dill, red onions, vegan cheese spread on grilled bagel

Sandwich déjeuner

Homemade seitan ham, omelette, lettuce, tomato and végénaise served on a grilled bagel

Omelette du jour

Inspiration of the day omelet served with toast, salad and seasoned potatoes

Gaufre au bleuet

Soft homemade waffle with blueberry coulis, cashew nut cream, served with fruits

Crêpes gâteau aux carottes

Carrot cake pancakes with cashew cream, grated coconut, maple syrup and fruits


Jus – Fruit juice

Smoothie du jour

Verre de lait ou d’amande – Almond or tofu drink
Cidre de pomme – Apple cider
Moût de pommes – A step ahead of apple juice
Beer, wine et cocktails – please ask


Le Soixante 5 uses the local products in priority

and favors the biological products



Bon appétit de votre Chef, Geneviève Brunet